Investor's Desktop

Over the summer we spoke to over 50 institutional investors to find out a little more about what tools they currently use on a daily basis in their investment decision process. A portfolio managers desktop would likely include a combination of the following platforms:

  • Financial data providers (for real-time prices, company fundamentals — both current and historic, public filings data, research reports, technical charts)

  • Sell-side analyst support (research reports, recommendations)

  • Screening tools (some through data providers, some internal)

  • Financial news terminals (international and local)

  • News and social media aggregation tools (including RNS)

  • Sell-side analyst consensus consolidators

  • Expert networks (communities of industry professionals on the ground)

  • Macro research tools

  • Portfolio risk analytics and valuation tools

Where does investor relations fit in?

Although the tools listed above provide investors with key fundamentals and perspectives on the company, there are a number of other areas where information that is critical to the investment decision is often more difficult to find. We have put together a checklist that summarises the areas that investors have told us are most important, and where investor relations can make an impact. To request this check list contact any of our team ( and they will be happy to share it with you.

Helping investors to fill in the gaps and reduce the noise is central to what Closir does. Based on the feedback above, we’ve built a simple, standardised template for companies that investors can access easily view, compare and integrate into existing research processes. View your current profile by logging in to Closir.