What investors expect from an IR website?

The investor relations section of your company website serves two main objectives; for new investors, it is an introduction and pathway to investing and a useful accessory for those who already know the company.

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There are six components of the website that all investors will require:

  1. Annual Report: the starting point for understanding the company is annual report. Being able to quickly and easily navigate the site to download this document is important.

  2. Investor Presentation: an updated presentation containing overview of the business, the sector and the latest developments.

  3. IR Contact: this gives investors an easy way to request calls and meetings with the IR team/management. Equally important is to ensuring that those requests are responded in a timely manner.

  4. Easy access to numbers: quick and easy access the latest financial statements.

  5. News flow and updates: archive of most relevant news stories impacting the equity story of the company.

  6. IR calendar: list of events that investors find important: earnings date, conference calls, roadshows, conference participation, capital market days, filed trips etc.

Other useful sections include:

  1. Basic overview of the business

  2. Shareholder structure

  3. Management and board biographies

  4. Dividend Policy

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